CycleYogaOD Mix


Our Unique Combination Workouts

Exercise both body and mind just in one hour and leave the gym feeling like you want to fly. Cycling allows to let go of your tensions & prepares you for a mindful yoga practice while yoga teaches flexibility & body awareness.





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Our community setting is focused on a maximum of convenience, where you can relax and unwind before and after every work-out.

Only bring yourself! Leave everything else up to us!


Use our lockers to leave your personal belongings during your workout. Ask at reception if you are interested in renting out a lockers and leaving you stuff for a longer period of time.


Bath Towels, Workout Towels.

Shower & Body

Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Cream, Hair Dryers, Hair Straighteners.

Mats, Cycling Shoes & HR monitors

Cycling Shoes, Heart rate monitors, Yoga mats

Water & Healthy Food Bar

Our healthy bar offers liquid and solid pre and post exercise snacks as well as packed breakfasts and lunches to make it as easy as possible for you to fit your exercise routine at any time during the day. Whether you must go to work in the morning or taking your break during lunch; exercise, shower and eat all within 1,5 hours we got you covered! All our meals and snacks were balanced by our nutritionist Dr Thelma Polyviou (link to nutrition section and go straight to bio). Therefore, we have something for you whether you are looking to maintain your body weight, build up muscle or lose weight. We always know your goals as it is the first thing we ask, so we can recommend an appropriate snack or meal for you. Mineral Water Pre and Post exercise snacks, breakfast and lunch

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Flexibility Mix

Based on: Spinning / Yin Yoga

What do we do in this class? We start with a 30 min intense Spinning Ride and continue with a 30 minutes’ restorative yoga where we stretch every inch of fibre in our body. This class will leave you floating with energy and relieved of all your worries!

Who is this class for? For those looking for an intense workout but also want to take their time to stretch and restore after a long workout. For those who understand that stretching is not a waste of time but necessary for injury prevention.

Level Open to all levels

Spinning / Yoga Body-Mind

(spinning ride with 20 min at the end isometric activation and release)

Name: The Spinning Yogis Body Mind Mix

Based on: Spinning / Deep Relaxation Yoga Techniques

What do we do in this class? We start with a 20 minute ride to warm up at moderate intensity and then move to our mats where we lie down and we isometrically activate and release each muscle of the body, leading to active relaxation

Who is this class for? For those looking to raise up the heart rate just a bit without pushing themselves too hard before arriving to a restorative state. Can also be used as a restorative session by trained cyclists and athletes

Level Open Level. Great for Beginners.

Upper Body Mix

Based on: Spinning / Upper body yoga workouts

What do we do in this class? Hard core workout starting with a 45 min ride and 45 min upper body works using yoga techniques like chaturanga, plancha, side plank, arm balance, forearm balance

Who is this class for? For everyone who looking for a full body workout that will allow to break a sweat, burn fat and increase metabolism while focusing specifically on upper body strength

Level Moderate to intense