First Class







water bottle at OneDifferent  FUELING & HYDRATION

Do not come to class starving and likewise do not come to class straight after having a paella!! Have a light snack an hour before to ensure you have enough fuel to keep you going. Remember to hydrate during your day; it is not enough to hydrate one hour before class as once your body is dehydrated it is more difficult to achieve a state of hydration! It is of course important to hydrate during class as well, so remember to bring your water or purchase it from our Detox Bar for €1.

gym shoe at OneDifferent  DRESSING FOR SPINNING & YOGA

We recommend wearing athletic attire, form fitting pants or shorts, and of course, socks. Our bikes require cycling shoes.​You can bring your own footwear that is SPD compatible or alternatively you can hire shoes from our studio for €1.


Lockers are available to store your belongings. Exercising during your lunch break and have to run back for that meeting? Or exercising at night and have to run straight after class to your fancy dinner date? Take advantage of our full-service locker rooms where you can shower, change and dry you hair (for the women we also offer hair dryers, brushes and straighteners as well as some basic makeup). Shampoo & conditioner as well as shower gel is available in the locker rooms and towels are provided at reception.



alarm clock at OneDifferent  TIMELY ENTRANCE

Arrive 15 minutes early for your first Spinning or Yoga Class to allow for time to check in at reception, sign ​a waiver and get prepped on our style of class. If you are not signed in 3 minutes prior to class, your bike will be given away.

running shoes at OneDifferent  WATER & SHOES

Water is available for purchase for €1. If you do not have the proper cycling shoes, we have them available to rent for €1.

phone at OneDifferent  LOVIN GOOD VIBRATIONS

At One Different, we like to give and receive good vibrations. We want to make sure you do not experience any interruptions — yes, we mean the dreaded cell phone—so we ask you to leave it outside the spinning or yoga studio and simply enjoy. If you anticipate an important call, then leave your phone with the front desk and you will be informed when your phone rings.



indoor cycling bike at OneDifferent  GETTING READY

Your first Spinning class? Ask one of our Spinning Flow experts to fit you in your bike properly. ​Correct alignment will maximize the effectiveness of your workout, and ensure your personal safety. After you are fit, our Spinning Flow will explain how to manage your resistance, demonstrate how to clip in and out of the pedals, and run through the basics of our technique. Likewise, if you are new to Yoga, please let one of our Spinning Yogis know and they will make sure you are placed in the front of the class and ensure you are doing all the movements safely and correctly.

safety sign at OneDifferent  SAFETY FIRST

Take each class at your own pace. Remember that this is your class, your time, your pace! Do not try to mimic a cyclist or yogi who has been doing these classes for years. You will only end up injuring yourself and miss valuable days of training. Take one step at a time and listen to your own body.