Will That App Boost Your Performance?

With so many apps on the market, it is often hard to know which ones are worth trying. In today’s world of fast-paced competition, noise, and distraction, it sometimes seems like every app promises life-changing benefits when the reality is that most of them add to life’s everyday clutter. Read More

Useful Apps for the Serious Sportsperson

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Getting the Most Out of Endurance Training

You and your friends have decided to register for a 100-mile charity bike race next year. Currently, your bike is gathering dust in the garage after years of non-use. You’re active, but know that 100 miles will demand an extraordinary amount of endurance; therefore you have months of training ahead. Read More

What Counts Most - Fitness or Endurance?

As you come up to your second mile on the treadmill, you find yourself absently staring at the free weight section of your gym. There are two guys there. One has been working their bicep curls with 45lb weights switching arms between consecutive sets. The other performs a heavy deadlift well over 100lbs, then walks around for a few minutes before making another attempt. Read More

Increase Your Sports Performance with the Power of Yoga

Are you looking for new and efficient ways to up your sports game? The solution to your problems might be found in an unexpected area. While cardio, weight lifting, and targeted exercises can be ideal to increase your performance, they can only help so much. Read More

Fitness vs. Performance: Stay Healthy by Concentrating More on Fitness and Less on Performance

If you've ever worked out at a public gym before, you're probably familiar with the following scenario. You climb onto a treadmill, opting to jog for 10 minutes. You're doing great; your heart rate is up, and you're catching up on the latest Grey's Anatomy. Then, it happens. Read More

How to Use Endurance Training to Boost Your Overall Performance

One of the most popular types of training for exercisers of any skill level is endurance training. Endurance training can help you become successful in all of your other fitness pursuits, making it the ideal first step for most people who are working out. Read More

How to Calculate Your Target Heart Rate and Why It's Important for Your Workout

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Does Spinning Influence Metabolism?

If you’re taking spinning classes, you’re probably well aware of the high number of calories you can potentially burn during a workout. But did you know that you can also burn more calories than usual even after your workout? Read More

Does Fitness Really Affect Sports Performance?

It might seem like common sense to say that to perform well in any sport; you have to be physically fit. Yet, many athletes don't continuously work out year round, opting only to get into shape when their training season rolls around. Read More