OneDifferent offers integrative exercise programs between cycling, cardio and yoga, to combine the mind-body awareness. We Inspire people to always achieve a bit more every day, every week, every month, every year in terms of their health, endurance, performance, flexibility and strength.







Welcome to OneDifferent

We are here to be the next level for fitness and health for those people who want to increase or need to sky high their performance. For people who got stuck at a mediocre performance in their current gyms or with their personal trainers.


Our focus is to serve individuals passionate about sport that have a dream to always achieve a bit more every day, every week, every month, every year in terms of their endurance, performance, flexibility and strength.


We are a science-based team that offers evidence-based results, providing our clients with professional coaching and measured outcomes. We believe that the results we show them will motivate them to never give up.


Join us at OneDifferent! Lets get stronger together!   


Yours Sincerely,


Thelma Polyviou


Founder and Nutrition Consultant and Sports Physiology at OneDifferent


Yoga Class in Session at OneDifferent in Barcelona, Spain

Our Values


Our Relations

We build bounding relations and treat all people like superstars. We make sure that everyone leaves feeling better than they arrived. For that we will ask people for their goals, if only fun is their goal we will deliver that.  

Our Studio

We create a clean and maximum of convenience, where people also can relax and unwind. A pleasant atmosphere that disconnects people the moment they walk through the door. A place where everybody knows your name.  

Our Workouts

We always conduct challenging workouts, that are unique experiences and make sure that everyone feels their improvements. No matter what level they currently are.   

Our Time Tables

We respect our clients’ schedules; therefore, we’ll provide convenience in foods and drinks, optimal timetables and make time between classes to talk with and understand our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a high-performance center where we deliver integrative exercise programs between cycling, cardio and yoga, to combine the mind-body awareness.

Our Team Works

We work side by side with our clients to help them to achieve their goals to be fit, be mindful and feel at their best. We are an integrated team who provides educated advice.

Create an account here. While creating your account you will be asked to create a password. If you don’t have credits or a pass, go to the Buy Classes page, to add credit to your account. Without credit in your account you will not be allowed to book classes. Once you have created your username and password and purchased credits, use your password to sign in and book any of our classes via the timetable. Just hover over the class that you want to book on the timetable and click on it. It will ask you your email address and password and once you insert them you will be able to book your class.

Our community setting is focused on a maximum of convenience, where you can relax and unwind before and after every work-out.

Only bring yourself! Leave everything else up to us!


Use our lockers to leave your personal belongings during your workout. Ask at reception if you are interested in renting out a lockers and leaving you stuff for a longer period of time.


Bath Towels, Workout Towels.

Shower & Body

Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Cream, Hair Dryers, Hair Straighteners.

Mats, Cycling Shoes & HR monitors

Cycling Shoes, Heart rate monitors, Yoga mats

Water & Healthy Food Bar

Our healthy bar offers liquid and solid pre and post exercise snacks as well as packed breakfasts and lunches to make it as easy as possible for you to fit your exercise routine at any time during the day. Whether you must go to work in the morning or taking your break during lunch; exercise, shower and eat all within 1,5 hours we got you covered! All our meals and snacks were balanced by our nutritionist Dr Thelma Polyviou (link to nutrition section and go straight to bio). Therefore, we have something for you whether you are looking to maintain your body weight, build up muscle or lose weight. We always know your goals as it is the first thing we ask, so we can recommend an appropriate snack or meal for you. Mineral Water Pre and Post exercise snacks, breakfast and lunch

Click here to find out what you need to wear, bring or do before your first class at OneDifferent