Cycle - Yoga - OD Mix


Indoor Cycling at OneDifferent in Barcelona, Spain


Treat yourself on a OneDifferent Cycle Experience. Professional cycle work-outs for the smart starter, pure spinner looking for that next level, active souls going for a fun ride or athletes who want to prepare for a serious race. Any level will love our high-tech indoor cycling in Barcelona.

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Yoga at OneDifferent in Barcelona, Spain


Get the best out of every yoga class. We combine the best professional yoga classes in Barcelona, that are not your ordinary yoga classes. Our yoga classes are attended by the serious starter to the die-hard yoga fanatic in search of the next level of yoga work-out.

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OD Mix Cycling/Yoga Class at OneDifferent in Barcelona, Spain

OD Mix

Exercise both body and mind just in one hour and leave the gym feeling like you can fly. Empower yourself with combined cycling and yoga sessions. Cycling allows to let go of your tensions & prepares you for a mindful yoga practice while yoga teaches flexibility & body awareness.

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At OneDifferent we deliver integrative exercise programs, between cycling and yoga, to combine the mind-body awareness.

We work side by side with our clients to achieve their personal goals, in small group sizes to ensure personalized attention. Our professional team all work closely together to provide a holistic science-based approach, to improve your desired level of health and performance.

In our gym you’ll find anyone between the starters, spinners or indoor cyclists looking for that next level, to the yoga fanatics that are fascinated by our sportier approach.

Enjoy our challenging workouts and the unique experiences

to be fit, mindful and feel at your best.

Why the combo?

It’s extremely important to practice cardio along with yoga as it enhances flexibility thus preventing injuries and teaches efficient and ‘economic’ breathing which if not properly practiced can diminish performance. After all, yoga is for everyone and not just for the ‘om’ people.


On the counterpart yoga enthusiasts should mix up their practice with cardio for an increased endurance and higher aerobic capacity. At OneDifferent, we call it mind-body fitness aiming to build whole-person fitness from the inside out.

Bring nothing but yourself

Remember those days that we had to take a huge bag to work with us to fit all our sports clothes, towels, hair products, yoga mat and/or spinning shoes? What a nightmare right?!


At OneDifferent we make life easy by providing you with all shower amenities including clean towels, hair products as well as hair dryers and hair straighteners for the ladies.


Cycling shoes at various sizes, yoga mats, blocks and bolsters – we provide them, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.


In our healthy bar you'll find water plus other food and drinks. So, if you are running late to work after your morning workout, just grab your healthy yoghurt or snack on your way out!